Special technology for electronic information display
 AHPTI is an exclusive research center in China for national special display engineering, an enterprise appointed by the nation for research and manufacture of special high brightness display and an exclusive enterprise in China for research and manufacture of airborne color display tube. AHPTI employs a professional research team. The related products are featured as high brightness, high precision, highly ruggedized and high reliability and can be used in hostile environment. AHPTI is mainly focused on special CRT, special LCD and special OLED as well as LED. At present, it is running its production of HUD tube, HDD tube, HMD tube, warning display tube, special color display tube, radar indicative tube, LCD ASSY, projection display tube and stereoscope display meeting demands by grand national projects.

The main products are as follows:

Special Color Display System

This products consists of punctuate phosphor- coated screen and rugged mask. It is used for multi-function display which is applied to all kinds of aircrafts and adapted to hostile environment. AHPTI is capable to produce airborne, ship-borne and vehicle- borne color display with high resolution below 21 cuns which also can be for civilian uses such as industrial instrument panel, teaching device and computer.

HUD& HDD system

The products feature high brightness, high resolution, high reliability and high positioning and are readable under ambient light of 100,000LUX. They can display with high brightness, high resolution in front of the pilot providing an image from indefinitely far away in harsh environment and making links between targets to be attacked and weapon systems. They are an “eye” of the pilot to guide him in fulfilling all his tasks.

LCD flat display system

Color LCD display module features light weight, low power consumption, readability under strong ambient light and high contrast. LCD module with high brightness backlight is capable of high brightness and adjustability of contrast in a large range and also adaptability to different environment. It can be employed in aviation, spaceflight, gunship- borne and vehicle- borne equipment.

Multi- function LCD monitor used in man- boarded spaceship can bear an environment combined with high & low temperature, vacuum, weight – loss and radiation and reliably serves for long. It will be applied to instrument panel illumination system in both of space station of “Shenzhou 8” spaceship and man – boarded spaceship displaying computer signals and video signals respectively or overlappingly and providing in details the information of spaceship flight and coupling between the spaceship and the Station.

3- D display

AHPTI succeeded in designing the first automatically controlled 3- D color display in China in March 2004. It help displaying images and movies in 3- D without wearing 3-D glasses and can switch between 2-D and 3-D by mouse and keyboards in easy operation. It can be used for civilian computer.

3- D display can be widely used in aviation, education, scientific research, medical, military, science education, industry, agriculture and entertainment. It represents the trend of the next generation display.

Helmet Display System

Helmet display tube is used for fire control aiming system installed to helmet. It displays all fight information on pilot ocular through fabric, featuring small size, wide view angle and easy operation.

Radar Indicative tube

 It is used in land based, ship- borne radar system as well as weather radar system as terminal display to indicate the target position and movement parameters. It can be used in harsh environment and widely applied to military and sea navigation, fishing detection and weather supervision.