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AHPTI is an exclusive research center in China for national special display engineering, an enterprise appointed by the nation for research and manufacture of special high brightness display and an exclusive enterprise in China for research and manufactur

The main research direction is the high power microwave component, whose leading products are Continuous Wave TWT, Impulse High Power TWT, Multi- beam TWT and space- borne TWT.

AHPTI is a leading developer and supplier of passive microwave system quipments in telecommunications. Main products include Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, Directional Coupler, 3dB Hybrid Coupler, Attenuator, Dummy load, Duplexer Combiner, filter an

Special light source products include landing lamps, sliding lamps, crashworthy lamps, HID landing lamps, EL lamps, refueling lamps, ultraviolet photosensitive tubes.

High energy discharge component is used as a switch to control airplane engine igniting system. It is of small size and with high energy discharge and stable on breaking voltage with high reliability. The product takes up 90% of the Chinese market.

On of the display technique including LED lighting source technique. At present the involved display techniques include LED illuminating technology, LED lighting technology, LED technology,

AHPTI focuses on the research of broad band wireless transmission system, whose products include high clarity wireless transmission equipment of audio and video,

The center acquires special display, microwave equipment and advanced detection and experiment method.

The center maintains the advanced mechanical processing method, such as rinse equipment. The mold processing center can independently design and develop all kinds of exquisite mold.